Balancing Academics and Athletics

An All-Academic, two-season athlete with a double major, Alec Dietsch ’17 knows a thing or two about balance. Majoring in economics and government with a minor in sports studies and exercise science, Alec also earned Liberty League All-Academic honors in both football and lacrosse for the past two years.

During his college search Alec considered other options, but ultimately chose NCAA Division III, which emphasizes the balance between academics and athletics. At St. Lawrence, Alec is able to get the most out of his college experience while still being able to play both of the sports he loves at a competitive level. “I’m glad that I chose DIII, just because of the time commitment,” Alec says. “I already dedicate a lot of time to sports on a day-to-day basis, so if even one of them were DI, it would be absurd. There’s no way I would have been able to succeed the way I’ve been able to here.”

Student-athletes at St. Lawrence are students first, and coaches work with players to encourage that expectation. The team puts together study seminars, designed especially for first-year students, that focus on study skills and time management. “Coming in and just getting used to setting your own schedule and being independent is hard,” Alec said. “You have to learn what works.”

Then when it’s time to hit the field, it’s all about the game. “When you get to practice, we have to be 100 percent invested in what we need to get done on the field,” Alec says. “That’s the trade off. Coaches are really flexible about making sure that you complete your academic work first, but when you’re here at practice, you have to be totally here.”

On top of Alec’s personal achievements, both the football and lacrosse teams have been successful during his time here. “Balancing academics with the training, it’s a lot of work,” Alec says. “But then when we’re running off the field to ring the victory bell, you’re like, this is the reason we’re doing this for.”