Departmental Assessment

Beginning in 2007, we have asked departments to regularly update learning goals and to use indirect and direct methods to assess the extent to which students take courses that address these goals and meet the goals in those courses.  A review of the work submitted suggests that we have made progress in developing multiple methods to accomplish these tasks; that most, indeed almost all, departments have carried out projects that have had an impact on their curriculum and/or pedagogy; and that we are developing a faculty that has much to share with one another as we move this work forward.  This paper is intended to summarize some of the methods that have been used by departments and identify departments that have benefited from each method in order to foster conversation across departments and in which we improve our assessment efforts by learning from one another.  This paper will be followed in the fall by a Department Chairs meeting with the sole goal of asking each chairs to talk with one or two other chairs who has employed a strategy could be useful for her/his department.