Student Bios

Mike Cianca
Majors: Art & Art History, and Biology.

I highly value my education from St. Lawrence because it allowed me to pursue two completely different areas of study, biology and art. The studio and history classes that I took such as, Digital...

Caitlin Amborski
Majors: Art & Art History (Art History)

I am very involved in the Chi Omega Fraternity's chapter on St. Lawrence campus. I am currently the Vice-President and Scholarship Director. With these positions, I help our...

Molly Hall
Majors: Fine Arts, and Performance & Communication Arts
Steffi Chappell
Majors: Fine Arts and Performance & Communication Arts

I entered St. Lawrence University with no intentions to become a Fine Arts major; I've been involved with the arts my entire life, but it was never something I intended to pursue as far as a...

Kelsey L Irvin
Majors: Fine Arts
Minors: Environmental Studies and Psychology

During my first few years at St. Lawrence I took advantage of every opportunity that intrigued me. My schedule was packed and I loved it. By my senior year I learned what it meant to spread...

Crystal M. Vendrell
Majors: Visual Arts (studio)
Minors: European Studies

The second semester of my freshman year, I was one of the founders of La Sociedad Hispana. I felt that there was a lack of cultural representation of the Latino or Hispanic community on...