Steffi Chappell

Steffi Chappell
Steffi Chappell
Fine Arts and Performance & Communication Arts
Somersworth, New Hampshire
Thelomathesian Society Senator

I entered St. Lawrence University with no intentions to become a Fine Arts major; I've been involved with the arts my entire life, but it was never something I intended to pursue as far as a degree, or even a career.  Yet within the first few fine arts classes I took, both art history and studio alike, I was hooked.  I think that having at least a general knowledge of the history behind the art you are producing in the studio is important, so during my art career at SLU I've tried to take an equal balance of both types of courses.  Along with being a student in the art department, I have been a student worker in the Arts Office for a year and a half.

My two favorite mediums to work in are printmaking and painting, and I am currently participating in a Senior Year Experience in painting, focusing on the study of color interactions.  I've also had work shown in the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery, including the juried student art show in the spring of 2009.  I don't know what the future holds for me as a Fine Arts major; I would love to attend graduate school some day, but after I graduate in May I hopefully will enter the workforce for something to do with art, because at this point I can't imagine a job where I'm not given the opportunity to use creativity.  St. Lawrence has instilled in me a love and appreciation for the art world, and that is something I will never forget.