Mike Cianca

Mike Cianca
Mike Cianca
Art & Art History, and Biology.
Pittsford, New York
Throughout my four years at St. Lawrence I spent my time as a coxswain for the rowing team, working as a tutor, and exploring the Adirondacks with my friends. During my sophomore year I began to pursue the arts more seriously after taking Intro to Studio Art. I worked as a student photographer for SLU’s university photographer, Tara Freeman. Additionally, I joined the editorial board of the Laurentian Magazine as the senior editor of art & photography. My most proud accomplishment is starting St. Lawrence’s first art publication, Juiced Magazine, with my close friend Sandrine Milet ’12. This magazine catalogs some of the best work produced by students in the art department each year.

I highly value my education from St. Lawrence because it allowed me to pursue two completely different areas of study, biology and art. The studio and history classes that I took such as, Digital Media & Culture, Photography I & II, Contemporary Art, and Art & Politics in Nigeria, taught me that art serves a means through which ideas, questions, or observations are communicated to others. Generally, my work is focused around portraiture that attempts to embody this principle.