Michael H. Bobbie

Michael Bobbie Portrait
Michael H. Bobbie
Fine Arts, and Environmental Studies
Higganum, CT
Men's Soccer, KSP

During my time at SLU I played in the men's soccer team and was the team captain. I was also a member in the Fine Arts Honorary Society.  I attended the Kenya Semester, spring '07 and in Kenya I worked with artist Gakunju Kaigwa for three weeks carving stone, welding and wood carving. 

For my senior year I did two independent studies, one with Fine Arts associate professor Hauber the sculpture project was shown at the Brush Art Gallery, and the second with Environmental Studies associate professor Rosales that resulting with a sculpture permanently installed at the ESL.

Commenting on the inspiration for the sculpture project.

"The whole idea started from my interest of environmental studies and soon became more of a social issue. I started the project with the impression that it would be this strange cityscape being constructed because of the natural tendency humans have toward urbanization and as a result destruction of the environment.

This idea came to me from visiting Kenya and seeing the mass urbanization which was taking place, and from the realization that this was happening around the world. As I continued to work, this idea began to break down further, as I realized that the extent of the problem was far more complicated and more far-reaching. As I looked throughout society at my friends and family, I realized that as modern humans we seem to have this need to replace anything that has become 'old' to us. This includes buildings, but also includes spouses, computers, cars, etc., and the worst part is that these goods do not have to be worthless or broken when they are exchanged.

As a result, my intentions for the work changed toward more of this understanding that we are changing our natural environment, replacing it with a new one, but that eventually it will be replaced again by something even more modern or perhaps something of more interest to use than the last."


Michael Bobbie