Kelsey L Irvin

Kelsey L Irvin
Kelsey L Irvin
Fine Arts
Environmental Studies and Psychology
East Amherst, New York
At St. Lawrence I felt flooded with great opportunities. I played for the Women's Lacrosse team, worked as a rock climbing guide for SLU's outdoor program, climbed in the Adirondacks whenever possible and worked at the Universities climbing wall. I also worked as a T.A. for two different professors. One of those professors, Dr. Tom Greene, hired me as his student "co-shepherd" for the planning of the new Science Facilities building on campus. The time I spent at SLU turned out to be very exciting and important years in the planning.

During my first few years at St. Lawrence I took advantage of every opportunity that intrigued me. My schedule was packed and I loved it. By my senior year I learned what it meant to spread oneself too thin. I'd taken on too much and had to start saying "no," to some great opportunities. Somewhere along the way I'd fallen in love with painting. In an effort to protect my studio time, I made a very tough decision: Heading into my senior year I quit the University's Lacrosse team in order to gain more studio time. It was a hard thing to do but one of the most important decisions I've made; I was choosing to make sacrifices in order to pursue my passion. I sold my first few paintings while at SLU. I remember asking Professor Melissa Schulenberg how to price a painting. She coached me on something that I had no idea I would do so much of in my future.

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