Grant R. Haynes

Grant R. Haynes
Grant R. Haynes
Fine Arts (studio)
Outdoor Studies
Norwich, VT
Some people think of St. Lawrence as being in the middle of nowhere, but that’s what drew me in. I had previously spent many of my summers in the Adirondacks and wanted to continue my exploration of those mountains and the surrounding area. The vitality of the Outing Program and Outing Club was a huge factor in my desire to come, because they enabled opportunities to further explore the regional wild places. Although I dabbled in other activities, the Outing programs (and the studio!) were at the core of my time in the North Country.

Early on in my time at St. Lawrence I thought about pursuing psychology or environmental studies, but returning to campus after my Adirondack Semester I felt a strong pull towards studio art. The professors in the art department were encouraging and approachable. I credit their qualities to my development as an artist and critical thinker. Although the program is comparatively small to other majors, the intimacy it provided was engaging. I never felt isolated from the rest of the student body and found the interdisciplinary nature of the school to be beautiful way to learn. I loved, for example, walking in woods with my friends who were studying biology. Our different perspectives informed each other’s observations and quandaries about our surroundings. This provided an unexpected richness to my learning.

Professional Position: 
Teacher's Assistant