Crystal M. Vendrell

Crystal M. Vendrell
Crystal M. Vendrell
Visual Arts (studio)
European Studies
Bronx, New York

The second semester of my freshman year, I was one of the founders of La Sociedad Hispana. I felt that there was a lack of cultural representation of the Latino or Hispanic community on campus. La Sociedad Hispana not only contributed to community service events in Canton, such as canned food drives, but also held Latino Cultural Heritage fairs in the Winston room and brought diverse students together to perform at Latin America Night. 

I continued my passion of cultural diversity with my participation in ASIA, in which students celebrate and create awareness on cultural events within the Asian continent.

My sophomore year I became a Alpha Phi Omega sister, Alpha Phi Omega is a community service fraternity that allows both female and male students to come together as a family to help those in need. Last year, Alpha Phi Omega help organize and participated in Relay for Life, a walk that helped raise awareness and donations for cancer research. I have helped organize class events and fundraisers as the secretary of the Junior Year Council.

During my junior year I started to work as a SLU, Student Information Desk Assistant, I help students reserve Student Center rooms, find their way around campus and update SLU-wire. Last semester, Spring 2011, I conducted independent research in art history with Dr. Limouze, on analyzing a pictorial representation of the Virgin Mary standing on a Galilean moon as Counter Reformatory motif under Pope Paul V. I was awarded an travel enrichment grant to research the evolution of dome painting within Italy. As part of my research I visited cathedrals within cities such as Rome, Parma, Venice and Florence and examine the different stylistic and visual technics used by artists.

Crystal M. Vendrell painting