Amanda N. Treco

Amanda Treco
Amanda N. Treco
Art & Art History
Sea Cliff, New York
I am a Peer Advisor for Career Services, where I assist students in their job and internship search, while also helping to edit and create resumes. When I have time, I like to participate in Outing Club trips. I spent the fall of junior year living in Commons College, am abroad in Italy this semester and am really looking forward to living in the townhouses for senior year.

This spring semester '13, I have been studying art at the University of Cortona in Italy.  I have traveled to many small Tuscan towns as well as major cities in Italy and have had the opportunity to learn about Renaissance art while seeing it firsthand. I have also been learning new techniques in my classes- such as lost wax bronze casting, metalworking, jewelry making, film photography and ceramics. 

As a double major in Psychology and Fine Arts I have had the ability to enjoy both the arts and science departments, and have found ways to combine my interests in thought-provoking ways. This upcoming fall I am hoping to do a Senior Year Experience that will involve doing research on abnormal neurological and psychological conditions, such as synesthesia and visual agnosia, and finding ways to interpret them both abstractly and literally using different media. 

Additionally, this past summer, while working on an environmentally sustainable farm in upstate New York, I was inspired to write and illustrate a story, about Starry the Fawn, that was recently made into a book and is being sold on the Better Farm website. This has motivated me to continue making illustrations, and I will hopefully incorporate illustrated books into my art next year.

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