Professor Kasarian Dane, explains his philosophy in the studio:

"In teaching painting, I emphasize a contemporary approach with a stress on learning basic paint handling skills and fundamental concepts of color at the Introductory level and incorporating current concepts with individual approaches at Intermediate and Advanced levels.  At all levels, students are asked to consider both the historical implications and contemporary role of painting. What does it mean to make paintings in a contemporary context along side other art forms such as performance, installation, video, and digital-based works of art?

How can these practices influence what happens in painting? How can these practices challenge painting? How can concepts be made manifest in various media and yet contain a consistency of thought and idea? How does a concept change when presented in the medium of paint? How can painting challenge other contemporary art-making practices?

Reading and research is emphasized in studio practice. Students are assigned readings from sources such as Art Forum, Art in America, The New York Times, etc."