Associate Professor Schulenberg, SLU
FACULTY CAFÉ on Friday, April 10, at 4 - 5:30, at Printmaking Studio -
2015 Senior Exhibition, SLU
You should see the Senior Exhibition Cards around SLU starting this week. So, make sure to pick up...
Wes Kline, SLU
Assistant professor in photography participates in a group exhibit, CONTROL, in Washington DC....
2014- 2015 Honorary List at AAH, SLU
Congratulations to all on the 2014-2015 Honorary List! There will be a ceremony for the honored at...
work in progress..for upcoming SYE SHOWCASE.
PREVIEW#1 of work in progress by Katelyn Kraunelis, Art & Art History and Economics Major,...
Reid Brechner, SLU 2015
St. Lawrence County Arts Council features a local student-artist every Friday. Here is one of our...
“Animalia: Visual Poems About Animals” SLU 2015
SLU Students Features Poetry and Artwork at the Arts Council's Gallery.
Art History paper, AAH 2015
Submit it for a Clayton V. Fowler Art History Paper Award!