REvisit Going Goldsworthy

To celebrate Earth Day we a featuring a story from 2012. 


       I was lucky this past Saturday to get distracted by my inner child. After taking pictures of butterflies flitting from petal to petal of the crab apple trees outside of Hepburn, I looked down to see fallen petals hugging the ground in a circle. My mind immediately clicked--cover the bricks with petals!

 And so I proceeded to cover a brick, and quickly realized I couldn't only cover one. I got lost in the work of the hands and wound up covering 27 bricks that resemble footprints. People walking by asked, "What are you doing?" And I responded with something along the lines of, "I'm not really sure; I was just inspired to work with my hands." I was certainly in an elevated state of mind because the previous day I had turned in two final papers and wouldn't have any more until the following Friday. One person commented, "That's sick! I hope the wind doesn't pick up and blow it away." It's true the wind will eventually blow it away, and people are going to come step on it, but for me, the joy was in the process, not the product.

Matthew Bartolotti, ‘12.