Painting I, II, III -Summerterm 2014

 Undergraduate Session: June 3 – July 2nd.

AAH 220/230/329. Painting I, II, III  (K.Dane)

 Course Description:

 This course will place emphasis on gaining understanding of pictorial space in painting and use of basic elements such as color, value, form, composition and surface. Through various exercises and formal/thematic projects, students will learn how to work with paint, make transition from drawing into painting, and understand the process of transforming visual perception and ideas into an image/object. Regular presentations of relevant historical and contemporary paintings will complement the studio practice. Maintaining a visual journal will be required. Students will be expected to invest work outside the class, write response papers to readings and exhibitions, actively participate in discussions and critiques, and devise and execute their own final project.

 Prerequisites: Fine Arts 121, and/or permission of instructor. Registration limited. The instructor can gear this course to students in all levels of painting. Registration starts Friday, April 18, 2014.