Majors & Minors Requirements, and Teaching Certification

Major Requirements

A major in art and art history includes class work in studio art and in the history of art. In addition to the general graduation requirements, a minimum of 11 units is necessary for the major; the maximum number of units allowable is 14. This includes both transfer units and courses taken abroad. Transfer students are required to take at least 6 units of credit in the department. All art and art history majors are expected to obtain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in department courses, although a better-than-average grade level is recommended.

*Students may take more than the minimum of 11 courses in Art and Art History.  However, the registrar may not give credit toward graduation for more than 14 courses in a single academic department. 

Art History Concentration: 11 units (8 art history/3 studio)


-Drawing I and (2) studio art electives:  in total, 2 different media must be represented

            (3 studio art courses, in at least two media, one of which must be Drawing I)

Art History: 

-Survey of Art History I or II

-(7)* other art history courses:

            (1) must be a 300 level course

(1) must be a 400 level course

(1) must be a non-western art history course

*One semester of foreign language may replace one 200 level course.

Students interested in attending graduate school in art history are strongly encouraged to study at least one foreign language appropriate to their areas of interest. 

Studio Art Concentration: 11 units (7 studio/4 art history)

Students interested in a Studio Art Concentration should plan to take AAH 131 Drawing I, the pre-requisite for upper-level studio art courses, as soon as possible.


-Drawing I

-(1) course that emphasizes digital media (269 Digital Media and Culture, 270 Collaboration Across the Arts, 260 Photo II, FILM222 Documentary Filmmaking, FILM/MUSIC281 Music Video).

-(4) studio electives.  Students must take courses in 2 different media. Students must have two semesters of study in at least one particular media/area. 

-AAH460 Senior Seminar in Visual Arts, offered each spring semester.

Art History:

-Survey of Art History I or II

-(1) non-western art history (212 Icons of Islamic Architecture, 215 West African Arts, 217 Buddhist Art and Ritual, 218 Arts of South Asia, 246 Art and Politics in Nigeria, 319 Gender Issues in Asian Art).

-(1) contemporary or modern art history (211 African American Art & Visual Culture, 246 Art & Politics in Nigeria, 252 History of Modern European Art, 254 Contemporary Art, 355 Art Today). 

-(1) 200-level or above art history elective

Combined Concentration (Art History/Studio Art):  11 units

-Drawing I

-Survey of Art History I or II

-9 upper level courses, of which at least 4 courses must be in one area and 5 in the other

-1 of these courses must be a non-western art history course

-at least 2 of these 9 courses must be at the 300 or 400 level


Minor Requirements

Minor:  6 units

-Introduction to Studio Art or Drawing I

-Survey of Art History I or II

-(4) other courses with diversity of selection

**Students participating in the New York City Semester Program will receive (1) credit for the Arts Management course (NC248G).  This credit will replace one of the electives in their concentration.

**For students who study abroad, (1) art history course and (1) studio art course will count towards the AAH major or minor.