Noelle Reilly

Noelle Reilly
Noelle Reilly
Seal Harbor, Maine

             When I arrived at St. Lawrence, I was a blank slate. I had no idea what I wanted to study, but came prepared to explore. After trying out classes in several academic departments, I realized my passion for Anthropology. I have always loved the past, and how words and objects from previous times have the ability to teach us about ways people lived before us. The Anthropology Department at St. Lawrence encompasses the four sub-fields of Archaeology, and Cultural, Linguistic, and Biological Anthropology. All students get to experience a taste of each of the fields. I have been drawn particularly to Archaeology.

            During my college career, I have been able to have anthropological fun both in and outside of the classroom. I have mummified a chicken for a class project, invented a new grammatical rule based on existing models, and tried my hand at flint-knapping. Last summer I traveled with a fellow Anthropology major to Peru where we giddily and knowledgably explored Incan ruins. I also participated in a week-long archaeological field school at a Native American shell midden site in Maine. Next fall I look forward to conducting an independent study with Dr. Pitre in which I will create an archive system for the Department’s cultural artifact collection.

            While all of these invaluable experiences have helped to shape me as a student and as an individual, my favorite thing about St. Lawrence’s Anthropology Department is its wonderful people. The professors in our Department care not only about the subjects they teach, but also about the students in their classes. They teach with a unique balance of seriousness and fun, allowing students to learn a great amount while simultaneously engaging in an incredibly enjoyable classroom experience. My fellow Anthropology students are kind and friendly individuals with anthropological interests that range across the four fields. I love going to class each and every day, and know that my friendships with many of the people I have met in the Anthropology Department will continue long after my time at St. Lawrence. I couldn’t be more thankful for the time I have had in this Department!