Kelly Gamache

Kelly Gamache
Kelly Gamache
African Studies
Barrington, Rhode Island

Entering St. Lawrence, I knew that I wanted to study anthropology and travel to East Africa.  My interest was sparked while working on my high school senior project with an anthropologist analyzing media coverage of the 2008 Angolan election.  I was inspired to continue my studies at St. Lawrence, where I have taken a wide variety of anthropology and African Studies courses over the past three years.  During the summer of 2014, under the direction of Dr. Harr, I will be doing research as a St. Lawrence University Summer Fellow analyzing Kenyan presidential speeches and their connection to nation building.  This project will enable me to connect my interests in African Studies and government through the lens of linguistic anthropology.

After completing my project, I will travel to Nairobi to attend the Kenya Semester Program in the fall. I have received a St. Lawrence University Travel Enrichment Grant to pursue fieldwork observing cultural performances while in Nairobi, which will prepare me for an independent study project during my senior spring semester.  My project will focus on performance as a means of developing and preserving cultural identities.

My major in African Studies and anthropology and my minor in government have allowed me to realize and develop a passion for culturally conscious development and I would like to pursue a career in this field after I graduate.