James R. Dowell

James Dowell
James R. Dowell
Native American Studies and Communications
Georgetown, ON Canada

Ever since I was young I have had a desire to travel and explore the world.  I was fascinated by the seemingly endless kaleidoscope of cultures I heard about, read about, or saw on TV.  When I arrived at St Lawrence, I knew full well that I wanted to major in Anthropology; it had been a subject that had interested me since I took an introductory class in high school.  The department here is small and extremely friendly, and becoming a participating member let me experience the department’s own special culture.  During my three years here, I have had some amazing experiences such as working as a research assistant for Dr. Mindy Pitre, where I gained experience handling human remains and preparing a journal caliber publication. I have also had the opportunity to participate in an archaeological field school in Ireland and to do independent research in Copenhagen, where I was granted access to a unique skeletal collection from Sudanese Nubia in order to investigate the presence of developmental defects.  These opportunities would not have been available to me without dedicated professors who would run through a brick wall for their students.  I couldn’t be more grateful for their help and support.