Emma Sutphen

Emma Sutphen
Emma Sutphen
African Studies
Religious Studies
Mystic, Connecticut

As a young girl, I was fortunate enough to travel to a myriad of places. Although I have always been interested in all cultures, travelling to Tanzania sparked my interest in Africa in particular. After taking several introductory courses in African Studies and Anthropology, I knew that pursuing these fields would give me the most satisfaction in life, as I have long admired the ideologies on which African cultures found themselves.

This summer, I will be studying in Rwanda with my advisor, Dr. Wendi Haugh, and one of the co-founders of the Mountain Gorilla Project, Dr. Amy Vedder. While there, I hope to examine the mechanisms through which applied conversation biology interacts with the local people and the economy. In the fall, I plan to spend the first semester of my senior year on the Kenya Semester Program offered at St. Lawrence. While my interests lie in South Africa, I know that spending a significant amount of time in Kenya will allow me to engage with the country and its people in profound ways, and I look forward to the opportunity. In the future, I hope to study popular culture in South Africa and to eventually become a diplomat for relationships between Africa and the United States. The African continent has a lot to share with the rest of the world, and I hope that there can someday exist less of a hierarchy on our planet.

At St. Lawrence, we are fortunate to have a small and tightly knit group of Anthropology majors. I feel incredibly lucky to have so much support from my friends, family, peers, and professors in my endeavors and I could not have possibly mustered enough strength to go to Rwanda and Kenya without them. The world is a beautiful place, and studying Anthropology at St. Lawrence has helped me to apprehend the many dimensions of human experience, helping me be a more understanding and aware individual.