Lyndsay LaBarge

Lyndsay LaBarge
Education and African Studies
Tupper Lake, NY
Kappa Delta Sigma, Admissions Ambassador, Writing Mentor, Student Life Student Employee

My junior year here at St. Lawrence I had a chance to study abroad in Kenya, it was hands-down the best experience of my life! Coming from a smaller rural town, I was never truly challenged to get out of my comfort zone and decided Kenya would be a place to challenge that while fulfilling areas of academic interest.

When we returned from Kenya I realized I had learned just as much about myself as I had about the Kenyan culture, language and people. Before travelling to Kenya I concentrated my studies in the Biological sciences but was also interested in the various African animals and conservation work surrounding them, particularly the elephant! Now in my spring semester I am studying tourism in East Africa and analyzing how students that study abroad compare to other tourists in the tourism industry. As graduation comes closer I hope to remain connected to Kenya either through independent travel or through the organization, Kazuri Beads, which I did my independent study for three weeks in Karen.