Education and Outreach

Sexual Violence Hotline 
The Sexual Violence Hotline is operated by members of the Advocates Program 24 hours a day to provide crisis information and support to persons victimized by sexual assault, relationship violence, or stalking. Hotline volunteers provide resources for individuals in crisis or who are looking for assistance processing information about sexual violence. 

AWARE Training 
The AWARE Training is a 16-hour training workshop teaching participants about sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, and the resources available both on campus and in the community. Trainings are open to anyone in the campus community and are held in the fall and spring semesters.

The Advocates Program
Advocates are faculty, staff, and student volunteers who serve as a support system for     survivors of sexual violence. They are individuals who have gone through AWARE Training and attend weekly meetings to continue their education on the topic. 

Advocates serve as a support for survivors in the following ways:

  • Staffing the confidential Sexual Violence Hotline
  • Suggesting referrals to campus and community resources
  • Providing information about sexual violence
  • Advocating on behalf of students who elect to pursue disciplinary action
  • Working individually with survivors to empower them in their healing process
  • Participating in Peer Education programs

Male Athletes Against Sexual Violence (MAASV)
Male Athletes Against Sexual Violence is a campus organization dedicated to raising awareness about sexual violence, creating an atmosphere where such violence will not be tolerated, and engaging in dialogue about men's role in eradicating sexual violence. 

Go Beyond

Go Beyond what you think you know about sexual violence by volunteering with this once-a-semester program dedicated to raising awareness about sexual violence and to teaching intervention methods to stop violence before it happens. Go Beyond is a night of creative activism around sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking that is designed to be educational, empowering, and entertaining.