Cyber Stalking

Cyberstalking At-A-GlanceOvert● Direct contact via any “cyber” source such as Instant Messaging; E­Mail; Blogs; Onlinecommunities such as MySpace, FaceBook, Yahoo! Groups● Fraudulent subscriptions to mailing lists, most notably religious or porn lists● Indirect postings, articles, messages to third parties or general “bulletins” about the victim inonline communities, blogs, or other places the victim may frequent or be alerted to.Covert● Gathering information via Instant Messaging profiles and away messages to learn habits,locations, phone numbers, e­mail addresses, other friends' information● Gathering information via online communities and blogs to better understand the victim,dramatically increasing terror effectiveness● Conducting electronic surveillance by use of “spyware” or interception of network traffic(especially wireless)Legalese● NYS Penal Code Part 3, Title H, Article 120 sections 45,50,55 and 60 defined 4th ­ 1st degreestalking: Class B Misdemeanor – Class D Felony● Any communication or appearance resulting in fear to of harm to self, property, family oracquaintances● Any communication or appearance, after being clearly informed to cease, that causes harm tothe mental or emotional health● Any communication or appearance resulting in fear of injury, sexual offense, kidnapping,imprisonment or death● Special circumstances increase severity: Previous convictions of Title H Crimes (Crimes against people involving violence orintimidation) Possession or display of what appears to be a weapon (blade, firearm, bludgeoning, etc.) ­For example using a webcam or photos sent to the victim Acts that result in physical injury to the victim whether intentional or not