A four-year course of liberal arts study at St. Lawrence is an excellent foundation for law school. There is no formal pre-law curriculum and law schools require no particular major. Students interested in law should acquire a good general education, demonstrating achievement in serious and substantial courses.

Students are advised to take foundation courses in all aspects of liberal education--humanities, science, social science--and to study such areas as basic accounting, economics, government, and history. Courses and majors that demand expository writing, sustained research, and the analysis of arguments are especially apt, so students heading to law school often pursue such majors as English, government, history, and philosophy. Courses in reasoning and symbolic logic are also helpful in preparing for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).

Students wishing to pursue law school should plan to take the LSAT no later than the early fall of their senior year, as admission is heavily dependent on the LSAT score. Information about the LSAT can be obtained from the offices of Academic Advising Programs in the Whitman Annex and in the Career Services Office in the Sullivan Student Center. The Pre-Law Advising Committee provides briefings periodically for students at all levels of preparation; students with specific questions about their plans should meet with the Associate Dean for Academic Advising, the Pre-Law Advisor.