Majors and Minors

All students must complete at least one major with a 2.0 major grade point average as a graduation requirement.

Students must declare at least one major by submitting a major declaration form in the spring of the sophomore year; other majors may be added later on if desired. Students who fail to do so will be placed on “Dean’s Hold.” This means they cannot register for courses for the next semester until they have declared a major or have reached an understanding with the Associate Dean for Academic Advising.

Owing to its devotion to the breadth of the liberal arts, students are not allowed to take more than fourteen courses—just under half of their program—in one department.

Other options for majors include the following:

Combined and Interdisciplinary Majors

These are majors that involve more than one department or academic programs. Combined majors bring together academic interdisciplinary programs with departmental majors. These are offered in African Studies, Asian Studies, and Canadian Studies.

Interdisciplinary majors do much the same thing. They are result of cooperation between two departments. Interdisciplinary majors are offered in Biology-Physics, Economics-Mathematics, Environmental Studies with Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English, Geology, Government, Philosophy, Psychology or Sociology; Geology-Physics, International Economics with French, German, Spanish, or Multi-language.

Multi-Field Major

This is a major that a student defines him- or herself. It must combine at least two programs or departments. Students who wish to pursue this option must write a Multi-Field proposal and submit it to the Academic Advising Committee for its approval. Contact the Associate Dean for Academic Advising Programs for information on the procedures for pursuing this major option.

Double Major

Some students complete all of the requirements for two majors.


Minors are not required but are offered by most departments and programs. These need to be declared by submitting a minor declaration form and students are advised to integrate a minor into their overall academic plan. They should not be added as an afterthought once several courses have been taken. Students with a single major may elect up to two minor fields; students with a double or combined major may elect one minor field.