Graduation Requirements

Total Units:

To graduate, students must complete 33.5 units, a major, and the general education courses. They must also demonstrate competency in college level writing.

Taking four classes per semester--including FYP/FYS in the first year—over eight semesters leaves a student with just 33 units. This means that at some point during the four years each St. Lawrence student must pick up an extra .5 unit. Options for satisfying the .5 unit requirement include (but are not limited to) a lab that offers extra units, an additional .5 unit course taken along with four other courses, a course overload of a fifth course (2.5 GPA required). Given this requirement, each student making satisfactory progress is allowed one fifth course—an overload—at no addition cost, once during her or his time here. (Students whose GPAs are above 3.2 may take overloads each semester with no additional charge.)

Also be aware that the maximum units of transfer credit allowed is 17.5, if transfer work is taken prior to matriculation (students must earn at least 16 units at SLU). If transfer credits are taken after matriculation, a student may transfer a maximum of 8 units.

General Education Requirements:

Because an education in the liberal arts assumes a breadth of knowledge and experience, students are urged to use the fulfillment of the general education requirements as an opportunity to explore possibilities.

2013-14 University Catalog, page 2, contains a full description of the general education requirements for students who matriculated before Fall 2013 and for students who matriculated in Fall 2013 and thereafter. Below are abbreviated versions of the graduation requirements for both groups of students to aid in short- and long-term academic planning.

Academic Planning Form Pre-2013 Curriculum

Academic Planning Form 2013 Curriculum



Students should strive to fulfill these requirements early in their careers at St. Lawrence. Students who enter their Senior year with general education requirements unmet may have difficulty enrolling in the courses they still need.


Cumulative and Major or Minor Grade Point Average Requirements:

In order to graduate, students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.0. In addition, students must have completed a major and must have at least a 2.0 in all majors and minors. Minors are not required.