Test Optional


When you apply to St. Lawrence you choose whether or not to include SAT or ACT test scores in your application. For all students, the most important part of the application is the high school transcript, along with recommendations from your counselor and teachers. If you have a strong high school record, we welcome your application regardless of how high or low your test scores are. For students admitted to the Class of 2016, the average high school GPA was 91 and 76% of the students were ranked in the top 25% of their senior class. For international students, please see the international student webpage for information on submitting test scores.

Special Note Regarding the College Board's Score Choice Policy:
St. Lawrence selected "Highest Sections Scores Across Test Dates - Version 2."  We selected the option that we believes gives you the most choice complementing our test optional policy of empowering students as much as possible.

In order to help you decide whether or not to submit your test scores, consider these statistics from the students who applied last year:

The Class of 2016

60% of the students who enrolled submitted SAT scores, ACT scores or both.

On the SAT scale of 2400, enrolling students who submitted scores, scored as follows:

  • 25% scored 1950 or higher
  • 50% scored between 1755 and 1940
  • 25% scored 1750 or lower

Averages for each section of the SAT exam were:

  • Critical Reading: 610
  • Mathematics: 620
  • Writing: 610

Admitted students who submitted the ACT:

  • 75% scored 25 or higher
  • The average score was 27

In response to the requirement that colleges report their preferences regarding the SAT Score Choice program, St. Lawrence emphasized that if students submit SAT scores from multiple test dates for consideration in the admissions process, the highest section score will be used to calculate the composite score, regardless of the individual test date.  Students are encouraged to send all scores at the time the tests are taken and should remember that they have the opportunity when submitting the Common Application Supplement to direct us regarding which scores, if any, they wish us to consider.

For more information, review some of our test optional frequently asked questions