Leadership Scholarship

When boasting ends, there dignity begins.

~Owen D. Young, St. Lawrence Class of 1894, founder of RCA, former Chairman of the Board, General Electric, Inc. and St. Lawrence University Board of Trustees.

St. Lawrence University has a long tradition of developing charismatic, ethical leaders. Graduates have gone on to careers in business, government, health care, science and technology, law and education. They hold titles such as CEO, senator, prncipal, doctor, president director and founder. 

Many of those who are leaders in their professions were leaders at St. Lawrence. Students lead in traditional roles in the Thelomathesian Society (our student government), as Community Assistants in the residence halls, and as captains on athletic teams. They also demonstrate leadership in the classroom, through internships and community service projects, and by starting new clubs and organizations.

Are you a leader in your school or community? Are you interested in further developing your leadership skills at St. Lawrence?

The St. Lawrence Leadership Scholarship is a $52,000 scholarship over four years ($13,000 per year) awarded to students based on evidence of leadership in their schools and communities. Our goal is to award this scholarship to students who will continue to develop their leadership abilities while having a positive impact on St. Lawrence and the local community.

How to Apply:

First-year students interested in applying for the Leadership Scholarship must submit a complete St. Lawrence application (Common Application) by February 1. Students who are applying Early Decision must submit scholarship material with their completed application. Transfer students who are interested in being considered for this scholarship must complete the scholarship must submit the scholarship materials with their application. 

First-year and transfer students applying for the Leadership Scholarship are required to submit a list of leadership positions/experiences and an essay. Your essay you write should answer the following questions:

  • What does leadership mean to you?
  • What qualities make you an effective leader in your school or community?
  • What have you learned from your positions and experiences as a leader?
  • How would you use your leaderships skills to lead others at St. Lawrence? Please be as specific as possible.

Your essay should not simply be your resume in paragraph form. Be creative, tell us a story, and share with us why leadership is a significant part of your life. 

This information should be submitted online or faxed to the Admissions Office at 315-229-5818 by February 1. We look forward to receiving your scholarship application.