E-Mail a Current Student

The following are profiles of our current Admissions Summer Interns who would like to be a resource for you. Please email them with any questions you have!

Lizzie Bastien

Elizabeth Bastien
Class Year: 2015
Hometown: Canton, NY
Major/Minor: Economics and Communications Double Major
Study Abroad Experience: Nepal (January 2013), Ethiopia (Summer 2013), Denmark (Spring 2014)
Favorite Thing About SLU: The sense of community throughout campus, and the ability to make lifelong friendships and connections.
Favorite Spot in the North Country: Appleton Arena has been my safe place and second home for as long as I can remember. At the age of three my parents laced up my figure skates for the first time and I hardly took them off before graduating high school. Now as a student at St. Lawrence, Appleton is a place where I not only escape my classwork for a few hours but it is where I spend many evenings cheering on the Skating Saints!
Advice for First-Year Students: Take a deep breath, give yourself some time to get settled in, be yourself, and get involved with some of the many great people and organizations on campus!

Sean Coleman

Sean Coleman
Class Year: 2015
Hometown: Bristol, NH
Major/Minor: Psychology and Music Double Major
Study Abroad Experience: China, FYP: Paranormal China (Fall 2011) and Denmark (Spring 2014)
Favorite Thing about SLU: Apart from Pub cookies? It’s hard to pin down, but I truly love the openness and community of SLU. I live in a theme house called The Hub, and I can easily say that it’s my home-away-from-home. Everyone is friendly and inviting, and I feel proud to say I live with my best friends all year; we all feel like a family.
Favorite Spot in the North Country: Anywhere in nature; I love hiking and climbing. However, there is a farm our whole house visits every fall for corn mazes or corn cannons. It may sound childish, but it’s the best bonding you could imagine.
Advice for Incoming First-Year Students: Get out and explore! There is so much happening on campus, and it really is possible to be involved but still have time for school work. Don’t be afraid to try new things and ask about a club or event you find interesting.

Ally Friedman

Ally Friedman
Class Year: 2015
Hometown: Bellevue, WA
Major/Minor: Global Studies Major, History and African Studies Double Minor
Study Abroad Experience: Kenya (Spring 2013) and Thailand (Spring 2014)
Favorite Thing about SLU: My favorite thing about SLU is undoubtedly the sense of community I have encountered here, and the endless amounts of kindness, support, and loyalty I constantly receive from faculty and friends alike. 
Favorite Spot in the North Country:  I visited the North Country for the very first time just three years ago, and so to me the best thing about this area isn’t limited to one spot but rather the surprising number of spots that are constantly new and beautiful to me among the mountains and towns near campus.
Advice for First-Year Students: As a first year I always wished I had brought more pairs of wool socks. 

Wilson Mazimba

Wilson Mazimba
Class Year: 2015
Hometown: Lusaka, Zambia
Major/Minor: International Economics and Multi-Language 
Study Abroad Experience: France, fall of 2014
Favorite Thing About SLU: The level of campus connection and interpersonal relationships with professors. Not to mention a gorgeous campus.
Favorite Spot in the North Country: I would have to say anywhere along the St. Lawrence River, every spot has its own touch of magic, but allows endless possibilities for exploration.
Advice for First-Year Students: In the light of the setting sun, take SLU by the reigns and have fun. This is your time to grow and explore, so cherish it and make the most of it, take your time and let go of any superficial beliefs. Above all, strive to learn and take advantage of the numerous resources available to you, it will serve you well in the future. 

Megan McGregor

Megan McGregor 
Class Year: 2015
Hometown: Durham, New Hampshire
Major/Minor: Global Studies (M), Asian Studies and African Studies (m)
Study Abroad Experience: Kenya (Spring 2013) Nepal (Spring 2014)
Favorite Thing about SLU: ONE of my favorite things about St. Lawrence is the small class size and close connection I have with my professors. As a Global Studies major, my classes never exceed much more that 12-15 students and because of that I find myself getting a lot of personal attention from professors. My experience is that professors are really excited about working with students and devote a lot of their time to you because they genuinely care about the student’s well-being (both inside and outside the classroom). 
Favorite Spot in the North Country:  One of my favorite spots in the North Country is Bluff Island on Lower Saranac Lake. The SLU Outing Club leads a trip to Bluff Island every fall where students canoe to the island and camp for the night. It is great because you end up meeting some really fun people you may not have met otherwise. I am excited to attend this year for my third year in a row! 
Advice for First-Year Students: One of my biggest pieces of advice I like to give to First-Year students is to give everything a try, at least once! As a Laurentian, there are SO many unique clubs and organizations, off campus experiences, places to eat, peeks to climb and classes to take that I am finding myself (as a rising senior) sad to think that these could no longer be at my disposal. St. Lawrence University is in an incredible location and offers some really special programs students are lucky to have access to them all! 

Maureen Pellerin

Maureen Pellerin
Class Year: 2015
Hometown: Saranac, NY
Major/Minor: English and Environmental Studies Combined Major, Government Minor
Study Abroad Experience: I haven't studied abroad yet, but I hope to in the future! I would like to be a part of SLU’s summer program to Ireland.
Favorite Thing about SLU: My favorite thing about St. Lawrence is the sense of community! Right from the first time I stepped onto campus, I could see how friendly and close knit our student body is. I knew immediately this was a place I could call home.
Favorite Spot in the North Country: Another thing I love about SLU is its close proximity to the Adirondacks and many outdoor spots. One of my favorite places to go for a short hike is Azure Mountain. I've done both a full moon hike and sunrise hike here, and it's absolutely beautiful! Also be sure to check out the spectacular views from the fire tower on top! A little bit closer to SLU, I love going to the rope swing just minutes from campus to cool off in the local river. Then, after a day out exploring the outdoors, it's crucial to stop at Stewart's (a North Country favorite) for some ice-cream.
Advice for First-Year Students: My advice to First-Year students is to get involved and take advantage of every opportunity on campus! There are so many opportunities to join clubs, study abroad, volunteer in the community, get outdoors in the Adirondacks, and perform research on campus. Getting involved in these areas has led to many of my best experiences, and it's been a great way to build relationships with friends, professors, and community members. I also would tell First-Years to try something new and step out of their comfort zones. Starting your First-Year at SLU gives you the chance to be anyone you want to be, so don't be afraid!