Doctor of Dental Surgery Program

The application deadline for the DDS Program is December 1.

The Doctor of Dental Surgery degree (DDS) and bachelor's of science degree in biology (BS) program (DDS/BS) between SUNY Buffalo and St. Lawrence University allows students to complete the degree program in seven years. The program accepts students from high school and requires the following:

Application Requirements include:

  • An average grade point in high school of 93 percent or better.
  • 1300 or better on the SAT - math and critical reading sections (or a 29 ACT score)
  • Acceptance to a participating undergraduate college as a matriculating (degree seeking) student. Your acceptance to the actual DDS/BS program is contingent on your successful admission to St. Lawrence University as a matriculating undergraduate student.
  • Demonstrated interest in the field of dental medicine.

All students granted admission to the DDS/BS program must meet a number of requirements to remain in the program as an undergraduate; these requirements will be detailed in a contract offered at the time of admission.

Applying for the Program:

To be considered for this program through St. Lawrence University, student must submit their completed application for admission, along with the St. Lawrence University DDS/BS application by December 1.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Jeremy Freeman, Executive Director of Admissions, at St. Lawrence University.

St. Lawrence University BS/DDS Application

The St. Lawrence University application needs to be completed by December 1. If a student’s application is endorsed by the Health Careers Committee, SUNY Buffalo will require the following by application deadline of March 1:

  • Complete the supplemental online application for the BS/DDS Combined Degree Program, available at:
  • Each applicant must provide a $75 non-refundable application fee in the form of a check or money order, payable in US funds and made out to the order of University at Buffalo.
  • You must arrange to have your high school transcripts forwarded to the School of Dental Medicine. If possible, the transcripts should include your SAT or ACT scores. If the scores are not included on your transcript, you must arrange to have your SAT or ACT scores forwarded directly to the School of Dental Medicine.
  • SAT scores can be sent by calling the College Board at (866) 756-7346; UB’s SAT code is 2925.
  • ACT scores can be sent by calling the American College Testing Program at (319) 337-1313; UB’s ACT code is 2978.
  • Each applicant must submit directly to the School of Dental Medicine at least two letters of recommendation from a guidance counselor and/or high school teacher(s) who have worked directly with you. At least one letter must be provided by science faculty (biology, chemistry, physics) teacher. Additional letters may be submitted directly to the dental school from outside sources if you wish to do so.

Application fees and Letters of Recommendation must be sent to:

University at Buffalo
School of Dental Medicine
Student Admissions
Attn: Combined Degree Program
315 Squire Hall
Buffalo, New York 14214-8006

After a preliminary review of applications, a select group of applicants will be invited to interview at the School of Dental Medicine. Interviews are granted by invitation only, and will be held in early April. Please note that maturity and a demonstrated career focus toward dental medicine are expected and will be assessed during the interview at the School of Dental Medicine. You are encouraged to complete the application process early.