Off-Campus Interviews

Winter 2016 Off-Campus Interview Schedule

If you cannot visit campus for an interview, we are happy to arrange for an off-campus interview with an admissions counselor or an alumni representative during your senior year. Seniors are allowed to interview until Saturday, January 30, 2016. The following dates are currently available in these off-campus locations with our staff representatives:

  • January 16 - New York City, NY
  • January 17 - Stamford, CT
  • January 17 - New York City, NY
  • January 18 - New York City, NY
  • January 18 - Manchester, NH
  • January 18 - Natick, MA
  • January 18 - Rochester, NY

Please contact us soon as interview spots fill up fast!

For more information and to schedule an off-campus interview, please call our Off-Campus Coordinator, Donna Schaab, at 800-285-1856 or email her at Please be sure to include your name, the student's name, an email address, and a contact phone number where we can reach you during the daytime if leaving a message or sending an email. Calling to schedule your off-campus interview is preferred so we can obtain the required information and discuss with you the times that are still open.