Off-Campus Interviews

Fall 2015 Off-Campus Interview Schedule

If you cannot visit campus for an interview, we are happy to arrange for an off-campus interview with an admissions counselor or an alumni representative during your senior year. The following dates are currently available in these off-campus locations with our staff representatives:

  • October 4 - Natick, MA
  • October 5 - Natick, MA
  • October 5 - East Hartford, CT
  • October 6 - Norwalk, CT
  • October 18 - Buffalo, NY
  • October 18 - Danbury, CT
  • October 19 - Bethesda, MD
  • October 22 - Baltimore, MD
  • October 23 - Burlington, VT
  • October 26 - Rye, NY
  • November 1 - Albany, NY
  • November 6 - New York City, NY
  • November 7 - New York City, NY

Additional fall locations and dates will be posted soon so please check back!

For more information and to schedule an off-campus interview, please call our Off Campus Coordinator, Donna Schaab, at 800-285-1856 or email her at Please be sure to include your name, the student's name, an email address, and a contact phone number where we can reach you during the daytime if leaving a message or sending an email. Calling to schedule your off-campus interview is preferred.