Off-Campus Interviews

Fall 2014 Off-Campus Interview Schedule

If you cannot visit campus for an interview, we are happy to arrange for an off-campus interview with an admissions counselor or an alumni representative during the fall of your senior year.

We have started taking off-campus interview appointments and will continue to do so until a location is filled. Please review the following schedule and select the date and location right for your schedule. Once you have a date and location in mind, please call our office during business hours to schedule the interview time. Our staff will work with you on finding an available time and confirm the location of the interview. We look forward to meeting you on the road this fall!

Date                    Location

September 21      Concord/Bow, NH

September 22      Syracuse, NY

September 25      Natick, MA

September 26      Natick, MA

September 28      Portland, ME

September 29      Rochester, NY

September 29      Providence, RI

September 30      Portland, ME

October 1            East Hartford, CT

October 4            Long Island, NY

October 5            Portsmouth, NH

October 8            Natick, MA

October 8            Norwalk, CT

October 9            Minneapolis, MN

October 9            Rochester, NY

October 9            Rye, NY

October 12          Buffalo, NY

October 14          Baltimore, MD

October 14          Parsippany, NJ

October 16          Princeton, NJ

October 19          Buffalo, NY

October 21          Bethesda, MD

October 22          Philadelphia, PA

October 24          Burlington, VT

October 25          Burlington, VT

October 26          White River Junction, VT

Please check back often to see if additional locations are added or call our office for additional information.


For more information and to schedule an off-campus interview, please call our Admissions Office at 800-285-1856 or email us at Please be sure to include your name, the student's name, and a contact phone number where we can reach you during the daytime.