Off-Campus Interviews

Off-Campus Interview Schedule - Spring 2017

The following is a list of our spring off-campus interviews with admissions staff. Please review the list for the best location and date for your interview then call our office to schedule an appointment.

January 2017

1/13:      New York City - Queens/Jamaica/Sunnyside
1/14:      New York City - Lower Manhattan
1/15:      New York City - Lower Manhattan
1/15:      Boston, MA
1/15:      Stamford, CT
1/16:      New York City - Harlem/Morningside
1/16:      Albany, NY
1/16:      Rochester, NY

For more information and to schedule an off-campus interview, please call our Off-Campus Interview Coordinator, Donna Schaab, at 800-285-1856 or email her at Please be sure to include your name, the student's name, an email address, and a contact phone number where we can reach you during the daytime (8:30 am until 4:00 pm) if leaving a message or sending an email. Calling to schedule your off-campus interview is preferred so we can obtain the required information and discuss with you the dates and times that are still available.