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Who is St. Lawrence University? We are a group of people with countless adventures and even more stories. The St. Lawrence Blog gives our students, faculty and staff the chance to tell their tales, in their own words and in their own way. Sharing these anecdotes in one place gives our community the chance to show how creative, daring and passionate we are about what we do. Alone, these stories are powerful; together they define St. Lawrence.

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Group of people in front of a banner
Olivia White, Class of 2017

During my tour of campus, on a dreary March day approximately four years ago, my tour guide brought me to the International Programs office and elaborated on the various study abroad programs offered through St. Lawrence.

Female student sitting in front of a river in a foreign city.

On a humid August afternoon, just days before I was scheduled to move in for my freshman year at St. Lawrence, I noticed a small envelope from the University on my kitchen counter.

Group photo of two men and one woman

One thing I have come to understand about myself is that I thrive in environments where I am a “big fish in a small pond." St. Lawrence has been my pond for the past three years, and its small size has provided me with opportunities that could not be paralleled by a larger school.

Two cars with "SLU or Bust" and "North Country Bound" painted on the back windows
Brenda Winn, Class of 2017

To the St. Lawrence Class of 2021,

Two girls' backs with a flag draped across them
Liz Miller, Class of 2017

One of the common traditions here at St. Lawrence is being a part of a legacy. Many people will say, “Oh, my mom went here,” or “My grandfather went here,” or even “Yeah, my entire family went here.” With every woven family legacy throughout St. Lawrence’s history there must be a beginning.

A crew of students who paddled the Roanoke River (NC) with the Outing Club, accompanied by a participant's grandfather
Satchel Toole, Class of 2018

During the process of applying to colleges, I thought I knew what I wanted. I was looking for a smaller school that offered a degree in economics or environmental studies.

Five students holding protest signs

At 7 p.m. on Election Night 2016, my plans for the day were going perfectly. Roughly ten vans of students had been driven to St.

Book shelves filled with books.

Senioritis: everyone knows the phrase. It tends to be something seniors cannot avoid, and even the best of us get hit with the bug. With the exit doors looming before me, but enough time left that I cannot quite walk through them yet, I was determined to find a way to reenergize myself at both St.

Girl standing in front of computers
Maxime Bost-Brown, Class of 2017

I’m a first-generation college student. I’m a woman. I’m a minority. I’m pursuing an education and career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The Wild Center's logo and theme of the Summit: branching out!

If you're like me, then some of your biggest concerns are our fossil fuel dependence, rising sea levels, deforestation, ocean acidification, and sustainability. To put it simply, the environment. Plenty of people are not like me and that's okay! There are so many big issues to get involved with.