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Who is St. Lawrence University? We are a group of people with countless adventures and even more stories. The St. Lawrence Blog gives our students, faculty and staff the chance to tell their tales, in their own words and in their own way. Sharing these anecdotes in one place gives our community the chance to show how creative, daring and passionate we are about what we do. Alone, these stories are powerful; together they define St. Lawrence.

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In the past four semesters of giving tours to prospective St. Lawrence students, I have learned many things. read more
Elle Lucas - 2016April 7th, 2016
Some may call me a theatre nerd...and I think I’d have to agree. read more
Eliza Cowie - 2017April 6th, 2016
Shovel, beacon, probe. Helmet, mountain bike, kayak. Climbing harness, tent, hammer. Surfboard, swimsuit, St. Lawrence van. read more
It's 7:58 a.m. during my first fall at St. Lawrence. I run across the Quad, coffee and phone in hand, and near the entrance to Carnegie in a panic. read more
Bryan Bohaty - 2017April 3rd, 2016
Sitting in the car with my mother and grandmother, I am in disbelief at how long this drive is taking. I have been sitting in the back of my mother’s car for over five hours and I still have at least two more hours to go. read more
Taylor Lincoln - 2017March 29th, 2016
The first time (and only time) I visited St. Lawrence, I fell in love. Not only with the atmosphere of campus and the community but also the opportunities that St. Lawrence has to offer. One of the things I was most excited about on my visit day at St. read more
Sarah Bercovitz - 2019March 23rd, 2016
As I sit in the Student Center, munching on a Pub Cookie, I look around at all of my amazing friends and peers here at St. Lawrence. I still can’t believe that almost a year ago today I received my acceptance letter to this special place! read more
Danny Viscardi - 2017March 16th, 2016
Being a college student-athlete is no small commitment. On top of all of your schoolwork and class time, you have coach meetings, team meetings, scheduled workouts and lifts, and competitions that span over entire weekends. At first, it can seem as though a million things are going on at once. read more
Sarah Delaney - 2017March 15th, 2016
One year ago, I received the email that would send me on an adventure of a lifetime. I received that long awaited acceptance email to study abroad for the Fall 2015 semester in France. read more
Emma Cummings-Krueger - 2016March 10th, 2016
After four years on the St. Lawrence student newspaper staff, I now have something important in common with Liam Neeson: a very particular set of skills.Writing, editing, designing and promoting The Hill News has exposed me to nearly every facet of weekly newspaper production. read more