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Who is St. Lawrence University? We are a group of people with countless adventures and even more stories. The St. Lawrence Blog gives our students, faculty and staff the chance to tell their tales, in their own words and in their own way. Sharing these anecdotes in one place gives our community the chance to show how creative, daring and passionate we are about what we do. Alone, these stories are powerful; together they define St. Lawrence.

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Group of St. Lawrence students at a ski mountain.
Learitza Torres, Class of 2020

Times flies when you’re having fun, and oh has it flown by. As my sophomore year comes to an end, I am thinking about the first time I visited St. Lawrence. I knew then that there was no other place I would like to spend the next four years of my life, and boy was I right. St.

Four females sitting on the grass
So Min (Kate) Park, Class of 2019

I was born and raised almost my whole life in South Korea. I say 'almost' because I attended a Korean elementary school, lived in Canada from 3rd to 7th grade, and then went back to Korea and attended an international school until coming to St. Lawrence.

Bow of canoe on little river
Parker Densmore, Class of 2019

While St. Lawrence is typically thought of for its northern locale, there are certainly days in the early fall and late spring that feel more like the peak of summer. On these bluebird days, one of my favorite things to do is to spend time around the Grasse River, a tributary of the St.

A girl overlooking the ocean.
Hannah Doro, Class of 2019

I always knew that I wanted to study abroad, so when the opportunity presented itself for me to spend a semester in Dunedin, New Zealand, it almost seemed too good to be true. St.

Student standing on the ground in front of a raised stage.
Grace King , Class of 2018

As a senior in high school, I was wide-eyed and confused by the college process. I visited school after school, hoping to have that “aha” moment, the moment I would know I had found the perfect fit. I went on countless tours and sat in on innumerable info sessions.

A student singing group posing for an official group photo.
Hana Bushara, Class of 2021

If you are anything like me and love this place (or want to love this place), I have a few things that you might find useful. Here, are some of my insights into how to maximize your time at this "hidden gem.” 1) Recognize your privilege, and make good use of it!

Male student holding up a piece of paper.
Chandler Trupin, Class of 2019

A lot of people think they know what they want to study when they go off to college. Many times this can be stressful for students, and they may not end up enjoying their major, which can lead to higher stress and lower grades. 

Pizza pie
Allison Karmis, Class of 2020

My favorite part of St. Lawrence are the friends that have become family over the course of my time here. At home, we have family dinner every night; the same goes when we’re all at school.

4 people smiling, close-up

I was born and raised in a tiny country in Southern Africa called Swaziland. I attended a national primary school in the capital city of Swaziland, and for my secondary education I attended an international school called Waterford Kamhlaba, which was also in the capital city.

A headshot of a male student

My experience running for the Thelomathesian (Thelmo) Society President was one of the most inspiring and challenging experiences I have been through while a student at St Lawrence. Student government has always been a passion of my mine.