Student Bios

Lizz Muller
Majors: Environmental Studies

Lizz is kind spirited and creates a positive atmosphere anywhere she goes.  On campus, she resides in the L.I.G.H.T house, which stands for “living inspirationally growing healthy together,”...

Nate Curtisbrown

Nate is a true southern (Maine) gentleman.  Nate is interested in pursuing a degree in Literary Studies and a career in law.  While at Arcadia and not fishing, Nate can be found stoking...

Jane Eifert
Majors: Performance and Communication Arts
Minors: Outdoor Studies

Jane is commonly known as “Queen of Quiche”.  Her laughter is contagious throughout our yurt village.  In Arcadia, Jane can be found cooking up one of her namesake quiches with local CSA...

Will Foote

Will to some, a super tramp to others.  A true Mainer; he is an enthusiastic and curious adventurer, skilled sailor, and a talented musician.  At Arcadia, his trademark phrase is; “oh...

Eli Campbell

Eli, is a full-spirited and humorous individual.  As his trail nickname “Bear Bell” conjures, his happiness and bear-like voice can be heard far and wide throughout Arcadia.  His hobbies...

Kealey Viglielmo

Kealey is pursuing an education in biology.  However he is a philosopher at heart.  Kealey can be found quietly contemplating the meaning of life on a micro and macroscopic scale. ...