Quantitative / Logical Reasoning (QLR) Course Approval Form

Submission Deadline: March 1, 2013

Guidelines for QLR Courses

1 . Quantitative Reasoning Courses have primary learning goals in which students through multiple opportunities and
classroom instruction develop their abilities to:
a. address questions by examining quantitative evidence using appropriate methods of analysis and
evaluation; and
b. explain their conclusions and the quantitative methods they used in developing their reasoning.

2. Logical Reasoning Courses have as the primary learning goals that students develop:
a. an understanding of deductive and/or inductive logic; and
b. an understanding of the methods of determining the reliability of these types of reasoning.

Instructions for the Supporting Document: The supporting document should include a recent course syllabus and any additional materials (sample project guidelines, homework assignments, etc.) that can inform the Academic Affairs Committee's understanding of how the course meets the above guidelines. These should be combined into a single document.