Environmental Literacy (EL) Course Approval Form

Submission Deadline: March 1, 2013

Guidelines for EL Courses

EL courses are at least one unit and at least 50 percent of the course’s content achieves the learning goals described below. Environmental Literacy Courses have primary learning goals in which students, through multiple opportunities and classroom instruction, develop:

a. A recognition of the consequences of human activities on natural systems and/or
b. An awareness of the cultural, economic and political forces that affect environmental policies and/or
c. An understanding of natural systems and/or the impacts they can have on the environment, human life, health and welfare.

Instructions for the Supporting Document: The supporting document should include a recent course syllabus and any additional materials (sample project guidelines, homework assignments, etc.) that can inform the Academic Affairs Committee's understanding of how the course meets the above guidelines. These should be combined into a single document.